Sunday, February 1, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding

Mood: mentally-drained

What the freaking hell has befallen upon me?

First, our thesis group was dissolved; just when I finished most of Chapter 1 and ready for a 2nd meeting with our adviser. What a waste of good thesis material... and topic.

Second, I was transferred to another thesis group. Enough said.

Third, I flunked a quiz for the Cardiovascular System. That's going to pull my grade one way or another. Arrrrggghh!

Fourth, we sat down for a meeting with Dr. Fausto (Research Coordinator). It was... a bit enlightening... yet, depressing.

Fifth, our RLE group (as well as the others in school) had a skills role play. Ohmygod, humiliation!

Sixth, me & Arvic presented our concept map for Myocardial Infarction during RLE. It was okay, so-so. At least it resulted to a good learning experience!

Seventh, why is it so hard to find related studies online regarding body mechanics? Damn.

Eighth, our RLE group is yet to have case topics for our upcoming grand case presentation on the 14th. We are so dead!


I am very much aware that I shouldn't complain, since it becomes a hindrance to God's blessings in our lives. But this is just ridiculous!

I just wish things will start turning up for the better this coming week.


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