Wednesday, April 15, 2009

July Never Seemed Too Far

Mood: bored, as usual

A few days have passed since me and mom arrived in our cozy city home after spending Holy Week in the province. Given that I only joined her there so I can visit my grandma, time seemed to have passed by quite fast. And now, it seems to me that it was just yesterday that I spent some leisurely time reading HP5 while staring out a few feet from the beach shoreline.

Anyhow, I'm through reading it and have progressed to finishing off the remaining chapters of HP6 and am tiptoeing my way through the remaining week when I shall be able to watch it in the theatre... and I'm starting to think that I'd prefer watching it on 3-D (if it need be) - and not that I'm unwilling to shell out my school allowance for it anyway. God, the state of euphoria I enter every time I think of July...

... only to be dampened by the looming prospect of final thesis defense scheduled for the whole month of it. Damn!