Saturday, June 27, 2009

He Changed the Face of Music Industry, Forever

R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson
1958 - 2009

Around 8:30 am (Manila Time), I woke up after a good night's sleep only to find out that one of my greatest idols lost his life at the age of 50 after suffering a massive cardiac arrest.

Click here to view article on his death @ CNN.

I remember when I was 3, my first favorite song was "I'll Be There". It's the only song I requested to my parents whenever they turn on the radio, and I would get mesmerized by it. I didn't know it was him at first. As the years went by and I discovered MTV, I saw this artist who was so good in dancing that I can't help but watch his videos over and over again. His name is Michael Jackson --- and he does crazy moonwalk~!

As I grew up, I found out that he literally crossed borders with his music. Personally, he changed the way I view music. He truly comes only once in a lifetime.

Until now, after more than 24 hours upon hearing the sad news --- I'm still at a loss for words. I never expected it to be this way. Nevertheless, I do hope that people will respect his passing not just of him as an artist but as a person with dignity. During the past hours, I've been reading various things off from other sites and some of them were really rude...

For me, he will always be remembered greatly. I sure am gonna miss him big time...

We love you Michael (Mikaeel), and Allah loves you too.

For those of you who might want to share your memory of Michael Jackson, you may post it on his website @

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Heart Pi Zi~!

Mood: uber happy

Today, I won't write about my 2-week Emergency Room exposure...

but instead I'll write about something that just completed my day by 85%...

It's about an online news article about my fave Taiwanese series "Black & White" / 痞子英雄.


"Drama: Black & White Hits the Home Run"

The drama , starring “Zai Zai” Zhou Yu Min and Mark Zhao You Ting, has become a bit hit with its Internet popularity and good ratings. Director Cai Yue Xun is set to make a movie version of it. He plans to begin shooting with the same cast and crew again this fall. As Black & White makes its jump to the big screen, it will have an even bigger ending. Cai Yue Xun claims they will splurge more money this time with a budget of 100 million!

Turning Kaohsiung into Miami raises Tourism interests

The drama contains 24 episodes with 60 minutes each. The production has been through 5 typhoons and floods. It took over 8 months for director Cai Yue Xun to complete this project. Despite of all the obstacles, this drama has proved to be a fine piece of work. Since its debut on PTS, last week’s ratings averaged at 1.66 and its highest was up to 2. It has become a hot topic among netizens, even posters of Zai Zai and Mark Zhao have been stolen from retail stores. Other souvenirs like photo albums, mugs, and police badges are also sought after items. In the drama, Cai Yue Xun impressed many by turning Kaohsiung into Miami. Locations like Kaohsiung Ai He, Dream Mall, and the subway are now popular attractions. The fever over has helped push ahead plans for a movie version.

Bigger movie scenes with International locations

Cai Yue Xun states that they had always planned to do a movie version of Black & White. He had to wait until the drama became truly popular before pushing this project ahead. The movie script is currently in its first draft. The ending and sets will be bigger, and the hamburger place from the TV version will be blown up. Cai Yue Xun said: “The weapons and lethality are going to be 4 to 5 times greater than the TV version.” With a budget topping 100 million (NT), there are also plans for international casts and shooting locations, in addition to bringing back Zai Zai, Mark Zhao and the original crew.

Original cast and crew brings familiarity to the set

In what is said to be the movie sequel of , how will it conclude for the relationship between Zai Zai, Mark Zhao, Ivy Chen and Janine Zhang? According to Cai Yue Xun, their relationship is the core of the drama. The action and explosion sequences are just to prove that the Taiwanese entertainment industry can measure up to Hollywood. Zai Zai and Mark Zhao have already made themselves available for this movie, they are prepared to take on this thrilling challenge.



One word: HAPPINESS!!!

It would really be lovely if they introduce the drama first in the Philippines so that it will gain a bigger market. But it would be strange to watch AND hear a Tagalog-dubbed version, since I've watched most episodes in Mandarin with English subtitles.

But what the heck~! Exaggeratedly-viewed or not, it's still 100x better than watching those love-sick dramas.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Last First Lecture Day

Mood: inexplicably tired... and sleepy

I'll make this one really quick so that I can sleep at least 3 hours before studying. And I still need to finish covering my new books. And I need to re-write some notes. And fix some stuff...

Earlier this day, I had my first lecture @ 10AM. First up --- Gerontologic Nursing. I was quite in a daze since I didn't get much sleep after last night's ER duty. But it wasn't that bad, it was just... mediocre. Not too boring, not too fun either. I reckon our lecturer's just new in school, but I also have a feeling that he does know what he's teaching. That I can be sure of~! It's a good thing that he reiterated that the course subject may not be interesting for us most of the time, hence we should always motivate ourselves every now and then. Note: Always sit in front of the class, to avoid being called upon for an oral recitation. Haha~!

After lunch, we had 4 hours of NCM 104 lecture with a 30-minute break in-between. Our lecturer for the first 2 hours will be Prof. Ysla. It's quite a striking name for me; easy to remember, and I'll be damned if I forget it! It's a plus factor that she's really cool and hyper, considering that she'll be teaching us Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing.

For the next half of NCM 104, Dra. Asilo will be teaching us the rest of the course subject, consisting of subtopics such as Communicable Diseases, Oncology, Orthopedic Nursing, and Neurological Nursing. Although I'm pretty sure that she's the sister of one of my beloved Clinical Instructors, I saw with my own eyes how strict she was. She has such good command in the class that I can feel all eyes were fixed on her the whole time! She also laid out her "house rules" for the whole semester. I re-wrote it in an orange index card and pasted it on the front divider of my notebook so as not to forget it... ever~!

I'm really hoping that this semester will become a great learning experience not just for me, but for my blockmates as well. I've made one too many mental notes throughout my first lecture day to make room for some changes that need to be implemented so that I can improve my academic performance for this semester.

Shall I reveal one now?
---- DON'T BE LATE! ^____________^

And yeah, before I forget... As if this day couldn't get much more unbearable due to my lack of sleep, I literally "hunted down" one of the required books for one of my course subjects. The publishing house hasn't set up in our school yet, so I have no choice but to do so. After classes, I constantly asked my mom to make phone calls to different National Bookstore branches so that I can get a reservation of that book. Literally speaking, most of the bookstores my mom called within the vicinity of our home (and to where I may pass on my way home) had all stocks sold out. But here's the really great part that gave me an "energy boost"...

When I went to the mall near our home, I sheepishly walked in and asked the customer service if they still have a stock left. Odd enough, the lady said they don't have that book. But I wasn't ready to give up. So, I went for the shelves on the other side of the room --- the one where they keep all the stocks, and keep some books on glass-paned shelves. To my delight, there she was --- that insanely elusive Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing book by Videbeck~! Although it looked like it narrowly survived a bashing, I didn't hesite to buy it.

Therefore, tonight... I just feel like I've been lucky ten times over.

God is good~!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Running & Plotting Fashion

Mood: pissy over seemingly dull ailment

I'm still contemplating on what I feel about today --- and words failed me yet again.

I woke up after 14 hours of blissful, and not so blissful, sleep. It was half bad 'coz I obviously overslept, lay on bed with an awful posture and ended up giving myself a nasty stiff neck. Oh the agony!

Then I had to go to school for our choir practice. We rehearsed a new piece re-arranged on piano by our moderator --- Running by Sarah Brightman (click over the title to go to its YouTube video).

It was a nice song, really. Except for the chorus part that I found on YouTube; it was quite overwhelming for me. After 3 1/2 hours of practice, we were sent home (finally) --- but the song wasn't finished yet. So we'll lay it down for another day.

After having a late lunch of my favorite Taiwanese instant noodles and some junkfood, I went online for some drama downloads. A few hours after, I started cursing myself --- I missed to watch Metro Station's live performance at Glorietta!!! Dang. No turning back - it was already 2 hours past. So much for me writing it on my so-called planner.

Good thing the internet's on the rescue once again~! Earlier this day, I watched a morning show and they featured a new trend on fashion that they dubbed the "Boyfriend Jacket". The way I remember it they described it as a loose type of jacket that's really sharp-looking, bordering to semi-formal or smart casual that has the look of a guy's jacket --- sometimes even really guy's apparel --- that women wear nowadays. So I searched some more, and found out that those things are actually a trend even on Hollywood.

Then as I was flipping through some sites, I asked my mom if she can still find the red jacket that she offered me a few months ago. It was a jacket that my dad bought for her in the US back in the 80s that she never wore... and to my delight, it looked exactly like the jackets I mentioned earlier~!

(Note: Jacket on the inset photo's just a pic I found on the net~!)

So I asked mom if dad still has a lot of clothes that he discarded long ago. Knowing my dad, he has a good eye when it comes to clothing and usually stops wearing them even though they're not that old (i.e. 'coz he's outgrown them... haha). And my mom affirmed it.

In a few days time, I am so messing up with my dad's old stock of clothes. Yes, I fell in love with the trend. No, I don't think that it will ever run out of style. Yes, I love shopping... but to shop for clothes nowadays can be a bit of a drag. So, in short... I hope I can "catch" good finds when I ransack the stuffs later this week before school starts.


Kawaii Asian Deli

Yesterday, I was searching the net for some really cute Asian foods... and these are probably the cutest ones I came across:

Hmm, if any food looked like these... I would never second-guess eating them! Haha~!

Photo Credits: Deviant Art

Monday, June 8, 2009

This Is Just Crazy

Mood: confused, in a good way

How did this happen?!?

I haven't updated my alivenotdead account for the past #!$#@!% months, nor have I made attempts to direct people to it...

(click on the pic to access the blog)

BUT - as of now, it has 390++ hits!

That is just... weird.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Metro Station in Manila

No, it's not just my imagination.

Yes, they are coming to Manila for free performances c/o the Ayala Malls.


June 10, 2009
6:00 pm, Activity Center

June 11, 2009
7:00 pm, Activity Center

Pint To Happiness

Mood: #$@#$@$ (me on thoughts about tonight's internet service)

This Sunday was a blast... unlike any other Sundays I've had this summer.

1 - I woke up early and got dressed asap for the morning Mass. Didn't get scolded this time.
2- First time in weeks that I, metaphorically speaking, heard Mass - as opposed to merely listening.
3 - Even though it's going to be my Senior year this coming term, mom still got me a new pair of black flats a.k.a my alternate school shoes. No more footaches for me! Plus, we had a partition over this purple handbag that was on sale. I love my mom~!
4 - Food coma (again) during lunch time. Took over dad's sour Sinigang soup that I really like and fell in love all-over-again with fried dimsum.
5 - Last minute additional grocery with mom for our dessert: Choco Cookie Mallow-flavored and Strawberry-flavored ice cream. It was delish! Plus, the strawberry's from the Selecta Gold Label Series that me and my mom were hunting down for weeks... aaaaahhhhh, the pint to happiness!

Feeling hungry much?

Why Twitter Is Love

Mood: really sleepy

.... just one of the reasons:

Gotta sleep now~!

After So Long

Mood: triumphant... wee~!

After the so-called "internal debate" whether to keep this blog and switch to LJ or not, I've decided. Thus, this layout.


Last night's highlight: FOOD COMA at its finest

Evidences: Mom's extremely skillful cooking of Fried Chicken with fried potatoes & root crops on the side, and natural chicken broth (I swear it takes like the chicken that Max's Restaurant serve!). Dad's take-out muffins from Kenny Rogers.

I think I've gone to heaven and back!