Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Heart Pi Zi~!

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Today, I won't write about my 2-week Emergency Room exposure...

but instead I'll write about something that just completed my day by 85%...

It's about an online news article about my fave Taiwanese series "Black & White" / 痞子英雄.


"Drama: Black & White Hits the Home Run"

The drama , starring “Zai Zai” Zhou Yu Min and Mark Zhao You Ting, has become a bit hit with its Internet popularity and good ratings. Director Cai Yue Xun is set to make a movie version of it. He plans to begin shooting with the same cast and crew again this fall. As Black & White makes its jump to the big screen, it will have an even bigger ending. Cai Yue Xun claims they will splurge more money this time with a budget of 100 million!

Turning Kaohsiung into Miami raises Tourism interests

The drama contains 24 episodes with 60 minutes each. The production has been through 5 typhoons and floods. It took over 8 months for director Cai Yue Xun to complete this project. Despite of all the obstacles, this drama has proved to be a fine piece of work. Since its debut on PTS, last week’s ratings averaged at 1.66 and its highest was up to 2. It has become a hot topic among netizens, even posters of Zai Zai and Mark Zhao have been stolen from retail stores. Other souvenirs like photo albums, mugs, and police badges are also sought after items. In the drama, Cai Yue Xun impressed many by turning Kaohsiung into Miami. Locations like Kaohsiung Ai He, Dream Mall, and the subway are now popular attractions. The fever over has helped push ahead plans for a movie version.

Bigger movie scenes with International locations

Cai Yue Xun states that they had always planned to do a movie version of Black & White. He had to wait until the drama became truly popular before pushing this project ahead. The movie script is currently in its first draft. The ending and sets will be bigger, and the hamburger place from the TV version will be blown up. Cai Yue Xun said: “The weapons and lethality are going to be 4 to 5 times greater than the TV version.” With a budget topping 100 million (NT), there are also plans for international casts and shooting locations, in addition to bringing back Zai Zai, Mark Zhao and the original crew.

Original cast and crew brings familiarity to the set

In what is said to be the movie sequel of , how will it conclude for the relationship between Zai Zai, Mark Zhao, Ivy Chen and Janine Zhang? According to Cai Yue Xun, their relationship is the core of the drama. The action and explosion sequences are just to prove that the Taiwanese entertainment industry can measure up to Hollywood. Zai Zai and Mark Zhao have already made themselves available for this movie, they are prepared to take on this thrilling challenge.



One word: HAPPINESS!!!

It would really be lovely if they introduce the drama first in the Philippines so that it will gain a bigger market. But it would be strange to watch AND hear a Tagalog-dubbed version, since I've watched most episodes in Mandarin with English subtitles.

But what the heck~! Exaggeratedly-viewed or not, it's still 100x better than watching those love-sick dramas.

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