Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pint To Happiness

Mood: #$@#$@$ (me on thoughts about tonight's internet service)

This Sunday was a blast... unlike any other Sundays I've had this summer.

1 - I woke up early and got dressed asap for the morning Mass. Didn't get scolded this time.
2- First time in weeks that I, metaphorically speaking, heard Mass - as opposed to merely listening.
3 - Even though it's going to be my Senior year this coming term, mom still got me a new pair of black flats a.k.a my alternate school shoes. No more footaches for me! Plus, we had a partition over this purple handbag that was on sale. I love my mom~!
4 - Food coma (again) during lunch time. Took over dad's sour Sinigang soup that I really like and fell in love all-over-again with fried dimsum.
5 - Last minute additional grocery with mom for our dessert: Choco Cookie Mallow-flavored and Strawberry-flavored ice cream. It was delish! Plus, the strawberry's from the Selecta Gold Label Series that me and my mom were hunting down for weeks... aaaaahhhhh, the pint to happiness!

Feeling hungry much?

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