Saturday, July 18, 2009

For My 'Lack of Blogging' Habits

... I know, it has become a bad habit after I discovered other activities online (Facebook, TW series episode downloads, fan-girling in silence...) So I just have to blog to make up for it.

For the last 2 weeks or so that I have been away from blogging, I've long since finished my Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit rotations. Also, I just finished our lecture series on Emergency Disaster Nursing and First Aid. I reckon I no longer have to elaborate on these stuff; they make me remember of painful things (e.g. getting extremely bored and having to endure crazy no-sleep days) - LOL. But it was a great learning experience albeit all that. Our lecture modules weren't helping much either. Every class seemed dull (or was I just plain sleepy?), and it gets gradually challenging day by day. Nevertheless, I always see to it that I perform very satisfactorily on exams; it's more goal-oriented that way. It was strange enough that I spend 70% of my lunch times hurrying to our next classroom to study even if we have a 1-hour free time.

Aside from that, I have been sleeping like crazy on weekends since it has been 2 weeks after I finished downloading and watching every episode of 痞子英雄 (Black & White) and 美味關係 (Delicious Relationship). Several times I have slept for 15 hours, or 8 hours at a time - wake up for 3 hours - then go back to sleep again for 8 hours. Mind you, I felt like floating in mid-air during these period --- a testament of which is my Starbucks planner which has not been updated for a month already.

AND after MJ's death, I've added a few things to my collection - apart from my highly treasured DVD copy of his 1992 Bucharest concert. I've bought The Essentials: Michael Jackson and The Number Ones (a DVD collection of 15 music videos). And I am yet to get myself that coveted DVD copy of The Wiz. I saw it the other day, but I promised myself not to empty my pockets just yet in case of other emergencies. And oh, I bought Time Magazine's Special Commemorative Edition of him!

AND just yesterday, I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (HP6) at IMAX with Donna. I'll be posting a separate entry for this, so hold your horses for the meantime!

After a month's worth of no blog entries, whatsoever, I now realize that time really has a sense of humor. At times, I thought I was away for 2 weeks or 2 months. I, for one, disdain investigating through this matter. It got me quite curious if I was just too forgetful, or was I really somewhat like floating in mid-air inside a bubble case for the last one month that I failed to remember a certain memory that stands out. Or that I treat everyday as mediocre. Whatever.

AND yes, I still haven't gone back to the hospital for a tad bit continuation of my physical exam. It has been a month since the last time.

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