Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Weekly Ruminations

... lead my to nowhere, obviously.

I haven't posted yet the HP6 review I promised.

Earlier this week, I've underwent a non-formal self-awareness program that led me to a semi-insane conclusion that I have been suffering from severe depression for the last few days, weeks, months, year, or years. A day after which, I first talked to my Schizophrenic patient in the Forensics. Go figure!

Then there were my pretty good attempts at studying one minute, then sleeping soundly by the next minute.

Then there were those endless pop quizzes.

Then less than 48 hours ago, I carried my 4-kg sling bag on my left shoulder; three 4-inch Nursing books, one of which is hardbound, on my right arm whilst riding a shuttle - then the train - then the bus - then walked home.

And 'our' a.k.a 'my' thesis is still undergoing data-gathering procedures. The deadline is barely 3 weeks from now.

And until now I am still awake, at the wee hours of a Saturday morning.

What a lovely week... I am dead-pan tired.

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