Friday, July 31, 2009

Of Stampedes & Stressors

Right now, I just realized it's the end of the month... and I'm not mostly ecstatic~!

First, I'll be officially waving hello to my stressors for the next few weeks or months: Thesis Final Draft and Grand Case Presentation. They're clearly NOT something to look forward to.

Second, I haven't published my HP6 review yet again. I promise to do it tomorrow, really.

Third, I just saw a very despicable figure. It ruined my day.

Fourth, I nearly got caught in a stampede at MRT Taft Station earlier this day. Just as I was walking towards the other end of the station, someone shouted and next thing I knew I was running for my dear life towards the path I just crossed and found "safety" in front of an empty stall just across the bigger entrance of the station. Until now I'm still questioning myself what had happened there. No one knows; only those who were up front knew what happened. What the bloody hell happened anyway?


On a positive note, here are things to be happy about just before the month officially ends:

First, I am starting to like Psychiatric Nursing - and I don't know why either. It probably ranks first out of my three course subjects for this semester.

Second, the thesis data is ready and I just sent it to our statistician.

Third, I just made a new friend. Turns out we came from the same school, same batch, and he often see me there and at a mall near my place. So here it goes: "Hey Jelo!" ^___^

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