Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Day of Mildly Confusing Films

Movie #1

Yesterday, I had a movie date with my good friend Donna. As much as I'd absolutely and indefinitely love to watch Pixar's UP, we ended up watching Peter Jackson's 'District 9'.

I've seen the trailer a month before and I thought it would be one of those crappy low budget films that oddly surface on theaters these days, but to my surprise it's a decently good film. It's not typically the type of movie I'd go-see in a heartbeat, but it was nicely done based on the over-all concept of the film.

Usually, sci-fi or "alien/non-human" concepts for that matter are usually shot with hi-end gadgets to give the audience a feel that it's surreal and out-of-this world. But with District 9, they made it look somewhat a cross between a reality-based documentary and Cloverfield minus the horrible screaming and wobbly camera shots so a lot of things actually ran through my head. Like what if the movie's storyline was real? What if the government acts the same way as MNU did? What if we have been living with non-humans all these time since the Roswell incident, and somehow, by some strange combination of cover-ups we ended up co-existing without us and them knowing? Or something like that.

I've always fancied watching science fiction-based genres from a very young age (and once dreamed of working for NASA), so it's nice to see something of that genre be bought to life through film in a manner quite unlike anything else that has been marketed for the last few decades or so. Also, it dealt with the subject of non-humans BUT with actions and principles just like humans is quite remarkable; especially at a particular scene where Christopher (non-human) convinces his son that if their plan of leaving Earth fails, the concept of living in an alien concentration camp it just as close to home (or something like that). Plus, it's a concept that transcends not only as something that questions our very existence or of other life-form's existence but as well as how we deal with others.

Human or non-human... I think it doesn't even matter. As long as there is life, both have the right to live... and to live means to have freedom, and to be free gives you the right to nurture your life conditions.

And oh yea, before I forget. Until now, I can't shake the thought of the 'prawns'. It's a mix of mild interest and confusion. I don't know why~!


Movie #2

When I got home, I've already had my phone set to a 9 o' clock showing of Nicole Kidman's movie 'Birth'. I was intrigued by the concept of the movie; reincarnation and eternal love. Especially because I've seen the trailer of Kidman kissing (gulps) a 10-year-old boy (Sean) played by Cameron Bright.

So there.

I really hate it when a film involves a lot of chit-chat, downplayed with hints of subtle mystery concept. But 'Birth' builds up the screenplay by doing so all throughout the film. It was beautifully made and the actors portrayed their characters really well, particularly Cameron Bright who had to be well-convinced that his character Sean is the re-incarnation of Anna's (Kidman) dead husband (or so he thinks).

But I think the tiny flaw of the movie came near the end, when it's quite vague whether or not Sean really was the re-incarnation of Anna's dead husband or he was just in a kind of trance. The ending can just throw off anyone at a certain point.

Or was it just a terrible fate? To be given a certain moment in time to get in touch with strong emotions that you thought you'd never feel, but just when you start believing in the possibility you realize that it will never be the same and it can never come back.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

每日劑量Will Pan保持遠離醫生

I'm sorry, I just have to post this. I... CAN'T... HELP... IT~! 哈哈!

LOL scene from 不良笑花 [Miss No Good] where 小花 told 唐門 about her being the cause of 江蜜's misfortunes/'bad luck', but 唐門 just scoffed at the sheer stupidity of the idea.

Well, he asked for it~!

Bridging the Gap = Changing Lives

"The human contribution is the essential ingredient.
It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live."
— Ethel Percy Andrus
Today, I went home feeling extremely tired and my head spinning... yet my heart feels lighter than air.

Earlier this day, I volunteered for Manila Doctors Hospital's annual cleft lip, alveolus and palate surgical mission. Honestly, it was my first time to assist in a major operation so I was terribly anxious before starting the first operation scheduled at 7am. But thankfully, I was paired up with a really kind OR staff nurse who was able to guide me all throughout. Everything went smooth sailing, so they gave me a challenge by letting me be the Scrub (Nurse) 1st assist during the second operation with the same procedure to be performed. Everything was great... really! Although the surgical instruments used were just minor set, it was still a great experience because I was able to carry out my tasks well. The operations assigned in my OR suite wrapped up around quarter to 4pm.

Btw, the procedure done to my 2 patients is: Palatoplasty with Myringotomy with Ventilation Tube (VT) insertion.

It was indeed a fulfilling way of spending my usually 'lazy' Sunday... too bad I won't be able to join the last day of medical mission next week.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bossa Nova Ain't For Me

剛才我認識到, Bossa Nova 不是我的類型的音樂。它永遠不會適合我〜 !

我是聽著新專輯的 Khalil 方大同: Timeless(2009年)。有完善的歌曲,演唱過。我不知道為什麼我不能忍受聽。

這使我感到悲傷。 Bossa Nova 並不真正是我喜歡的音樂風格。

但我仍然建議相冊〜 !

良好的工作〜 ! ^_____^

I've Been Everywhere... Almost


It's been a week since my midterm exams, and I don't know why it seemed so distant - like far out in deep space. I obviously knew that we'll have a new professor for our first class and yet I dared to sleep at 3am, wake up late at 8am cramming in my remaining hours to catch up the time. To no surprise, I arrived half an hour late. 啊,有什么新功能? Oh, the usual~!

Anyway, that class was the only one I attended for the day 'coz I was excused together with other Chorale members for a last set of rehearsals for the Testimonial Dinner later that day. So again, even though I looked stoned already, I lunched out with Caren & Mae.

When I came back, I still looked stoned when I took my midterm grade for Psych Class. At least it was all good -- an A-level... woohoo~! I heaved a sigh of relief when I came back to rehearsals, but then Gen asked me to accompany her home to get her Kimona.

While cruising not-so-comfortably through the Manila traffic, I think I just spouted nonsense and conversed monotonously and was only able to take a nap as we drove back to school.

So after a lot of ya-da-ya-da, here's a list of what we sang for the Testimonial Dinner:

National Anthem
MDC Hymn (Alma Mater)
Speme Amorosa
Someone Like You
Flying Free (Erika, Janie, Tin)

[Photo inset: Me and my Chorale-mate Philip]

I was so tired that when I got home, I just slept... like I've never slept in 3 days!


Friday, August 21, 2009

One Fine Day

我正在下载007张专辑的 Will Pan 。所以,我等待,我前往提出的 internet。

我是浏览一些网站,我偶然在网页上的 Tyler Knott Gregson 。他真的有一些不错的报价,象这样:

“If all we can have
is forever then I think
we should start right now.”
— Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson

“Summer is fading.
I will miss the way the sun
paints your skin with light.”
— Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson

此外,他是一个非常好的摄影师! :)
So I suggest you visit his site.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Travel In Photographs

我想我連接了很多與 Dean Fujioka...

因为我们有相同的愿景,探索世界...通过“photographic adventure”.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Feisty Princess Fighting for Life

Found this little girl's blog via Van Ness Wu's blog.

Right now, I would just like to quote his post:

Feisty Princess Charmaine
"Do what ever it is in your heart to do...

Every little bit helps... donations, prayers... anything... everyone of us deserves a chance."

You can also go to this site to know more about it:


If you want to more about little Charmaine's condition, just google it up or visit Wikipedia. Her condition's Neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor (almost like cancer). Her cancer's currently at Stage 4 and is receiving treatment in New York, but she is still in need of donors in order to complete her treatment.

If you know someone who can, please do...

Everyone has the right to live... especially this little girl who is still fighting amidst her illness.

Sorry for the Desperation, but...

I have officially relapsed (I think)... after almost 4 years.

You see, I do have crazy issues over my weight. And now, it's back to haunt me.

Right now, I am so desperate to shred off pounds.. and I mean a lot!

I wanna go back to this:

... and probably more fitter or whatever they call it.

Uuuggghhh~ Thinking about it just makes my head spin!