Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've Been Everywhere... Almost


It's been a week since my midterm exams, and I don't know why it seemed so distant - like far out in deep space. I obviously knew that we'll have a new professor for our first class and yet I dared to sleep at 3am, wake up late at 8am cramming in my remaining hours to catch up the time. To no surprise, I arrived half an hour late. 啊,有什么新功能? Oh, the usual~!

Anyway, that class was the only one I attended for the day 'coz I was excused together with other Chorale members for a last set of rehearsals for the Testimonial Dinner later that day. So again, even though I looked stoned already, I lunched out with Caren & Mae.

When I came back, I still looked stoned when I took my midterm grade for Psych Class. At least it was all good -- an A-level... woohoo~! I heaved a sigh of relief when I came back to rehearsals, but then Gen asked me to accompany her home to get her Kimona.

While cruising not-so-comfortably through the Manila traffic, I think I just spouted nonsense and conversed monotonously and was only able to take a nap as we drove back to school.

So after a lot of ya-da-ya-da, here's a list of what we sang for the Testimonial Dinner:

National Anthem
MDC Hymn (Alma Mater)
Speme Amorosa
Someone Like You
Flying Free (Erika, Janie, Tin)

[Photo inset: Me and my Chorale-mate Philip]

I was so tired that when I got home, I just slept... like I've never slept in 3 days!


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