Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gray Matter-Pulverizing Moments

Have you ever felt like you want to rush at Starbucks and hurriedly tell the Barista that:

I would like to have 4 cups of
Venti Hot Caramel Latte
with 2 shots of Espresso
to go


Please give me 1 cup of your strongest coffee,
I want it hot, venti
to go

And just as you go home, you transfer the lovely concoction into a sterile IV container (or any makeshift one), attach it to an IV tubing and regulate it on KVO to bring you that 'jolt of energy' you so desperately needed as you do your paperworks and presentations... all due in less than 7 days?

Oh how I'd love hate when that day comes~
Btw, the latter one happened before... believe me, it can get ugly~

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