Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of Storms Passing, Thesis Meltdown, Bumming and Vodka

The past month was a whirlwind of events. I can't even find a better statement for it.

26th of September
It was a rainy night. Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana was enveloping the city with gloom. I was still up until 3am preparing for my 8am thesis defense; from Power Point slides to cue card notes. The thesis defense was all good, but as the hours went by the storm was really hitting Manila like hell. Thankfully, dad fetched me in school because I was wearing 3-inch heels and the water outside of school was about 6-8 inches (it wasn't that high, but I swear I wouldn't walk through muddy waters -- on heels). Needless to say, me and my dad were stuck on the road for a total of 13 hours. We were all over the place trying to find an accessible way to our place in Makati; from Edsa, to Coastal, to Manila. All roads were blocked by traffic. It was a sad day, even though we're thankful for not being 'victims' of the calamity. But rather, seeing people on the streets with their houses and other belongings being flooded. And yes, there's this guy who approached us on the street saying he walked from his work place for a couple of hours already and told us we should head back to another direction, or else our car will get stuck in a traffic mess around SLEX -- bless him.

1st of October
After days of revising 'our' paper amidst the no-electricity mode in our place, I went to school to volunteer for the repacking of relief goods for the victims of the typhoon. It was quite a job because the surge of volunteers died down during the afternoon and there were basically only 8-10 of us who worked until 5pm. Nevertheless, it was job well done.

And yes, my friends Caren and Ali -- classic as ever -- made me (willingly, of course) have my first Vodka Mudshake. And they've 'extorted' me by telling the guy at Subway to prepare a 12-inch sub, instead of the 6-inch I ordered, so that they can share it with me.

2nd of October
This day, I went to school again to meet up with the other volunteers for our Medical Mission in Pasay. It was the craziest thing I ever encountered -- worst than my ER experience. Hmm, 150+ people on the mission area? And most of them had colds and coughs (and we weren't wearing any masks). Good thing we didn't catch the flu!

And because we are crazy-ass volunteers, the day wrapped up with some really REALLY funny stuff. One that involves a guy hitting on me, pretending to be a Sophomore student. After which, they got bullied on the van by my friends. PWNED!

Then on regular days...
We resumed our ward duty, and it got extended for a week! Ugh, I hate night duties. And then there were the seemingly endless lectures. And then I got the shock of my life when I was nearly marked FA (failure due to absences) on my exceedingly boring class. And then, the thesis meltdown that never seemed to end.

Until now, I am still revising my paper. This is sad.

P.S. This post is for Haeja Franca, who is demanding for an update. Don't kill me after you read this, you know why! ^^,

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