Thursday, November 5, 2009

Social Interview 101

Last Monday, I answered three questions from Facebook's Social Interview app.

I ought to post them here, just in case they got 'flushed out' of my wall updates.


Question #1: asked me "What age in your life would you return to if you had the choice?"

I answered: "The day I turned sixteen, and a few months after that. Just to re-do some stupid decisions I made."

Question #2: asked me "What do you wish for this Christmas?"

I answered: "Love, peace, rest and relaxation, and a new iPod (still mourning over the one I lost more than a year ago)."

Question #3: asked me "What do you look for in a partner?"

I answered: "Tall, dark, handsome, musically-inclined, genuinely nice, smart, analytical, understanding, spontaneous, FUN, practical, loyal."

(Oh yea. ^______^)

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