Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thesis: Getting the Job Done, for Good

After an exceedingly fun night, the succeeding days were marked with sleepless nights, nonstop typing, excessive thinking, and everything else in between.

Let's just call it by the name THESIS.

'My' thesis is nearing its completion - just a few more revisions, inputting the thesis template, final printing, and book-binding. But the usual happened: I HAD TO line up outside the Research Center for 3 days. To cut things short, I was really grateful of the people whom I've spent time with while patiently waiting for my turn. It's because of them that I knew what I needed to edit in my paper; some new institutional format shit stuff and all. On the contrary, I just hate some people. Thanks, but no thanks.

Finally, a miracle happened. On Wednesday night (the 3rd day that I lined up outside the RC), our Research Coordinator was kind enough to accommodate 6-7 groups at one time. So on Thursday, I just stayed at home and pulled an all-nighter to finish revising the paper for the nth time.

The next day, a few more corrections were noted. But it was all good, 3/4 of the corrections were format changes. So --- book-bind, anyone?

On Friday, after enrolling for my last term in College (yey, thank God!) me and mom went to Vito Cruz to have 'my' thesis binded. After 4 hours of waiting, it's finished! I was so happy that it felt like seeing my baby work for the first time in all its glory. I was extremely fulfilled that it didn't even bother me when me and my mom had to literally chase our adviser from SMX to CCP to have his signature affixed on the approval sheet.

Crazy days. Really. But some good times in between, too!

Finally, the job is done. Last term to go. Good times~!

I really do hope that my batch mates are sharing the same sentiments as I do.

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