Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hiatus much?

Probably. Maybe. YES.

It's been more than a month since I started with review class for the upcoming board exams, and I must say that I've never been more satisfied with learning. And yes, you've read that right!

Let me enumerate the ways.
  • It's a great time to learn! To recall what I already know and absorb drastically what I never learned in college.
  • To distract me from all the crazily unnecessary things (if you know what I mean).
  • Now I'm forced to think clearly. Lest I want my brain to rust by slacking off in front of the TV while watching comedy re-runs and sappy, melodramatic movies.
Apart from that, I'm glad that I've also been able to keep up with my new-found routine: JOGGING at High Street! Yes, you've read that right again. And I gotta tell you, it wasn't easy. With much motivation, I was able to pull through it on most days.

BUT I am now faced with quite a few dilemmas:
  1. I seem to have lost my singing voice. NO KIDDING! I think it started mid-January this year. I can't do falsetto anymore, which is highly unusual because I've perfected reaching high musical notes in falsetto since the age of 8. What the heck is happening?!?! Does that mean I have to undergo surgery to correct it? Oh no!
  2. I think my future's getting more uncertain by the minute. I mean I have this short term goal that will benefit me my whole life, but I wanna take things further. But I need A LOT of resources to make this possible.
  3. And I can feel the pressure adding up EVERY SINGLE DAY. And no, it's not just about the upcoming board exams. A lot of things are at stake (really).

Makes me wanna say: That's literally how I spent the greatest part of summer. Tell me something I don't know. GAME!

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