Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yesterday was a Fiasco

It's always a comfort to know that you've got even just one person whom you've known for so long, but haven't spent an awful lot of time for the past few years. And yet, that person is one of those who can give you a dose of reality and make you think straight without retaliating.

That's exactly what my friend, Haeja Franca did for me when I posted this status on my profile before hitting the sack: "Do I ever cross your mind?"

And I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you.

Anyway, this week's Friday was to me an unforgivable curse! Not only did someone piss me off with an accusation laced within a joke - which is highly false... but Teddy (my iPod shuffle) started going berserk halfway through my jogging routine. Thank god I was able to find a resolution to it after more than 2 hours of browsing over the internet, and doing trial and error to make it work again.

Note to thyself: Save up for an mp3 player that's not 'moisture sensitive' and is good for jogging/running. And kill a pig tomorrow, yes tomorrow! (insert evil laugh here) Lol!

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