Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spontaneity, yes?

When I least expected it, my formerly empty weekly calendar got busy with schedules. So, let's see... what exactly happened to me between July 19 to July 24.

Monday. Another Yearbook Committee meeting at the publishing house. I arrived at our meeting place (Bluewave Macapagal) around 10:45am and was still able to chit-chat with Ali, then off we went to Sta. Ana. It was a really great day because we started out drafting the layout for the yearbook cover. But me and Majel had to leave early, because I still had to submit my remaining job requirements in Makati. Thank God it didn't rain, and I arrived in my destination just in the nick of time!

Tuesday. Yet another Yearbook Committee meeting at the publishing house. I think this was the day when there were only 4 of us working: Me, Jem, Makki and JM. AND yes, we nearly died.

What happened was we already drove away from MDC for like a few seconds, and we were thinking of JM when all of a sudden Makki shouted, "Ayyyyy Kuya STOP!!! Si JM naglalakad!."Just as kuya driver was ready to turn right to park, an ice van driving on top speed nearly collided with our van! Imagine our horror, and Makki saying "Oh my God, muntik na akong mamatay!!!" Good thing we weren't harmed, and JM was clueless on how scared we were just a few seconds before he finally stepped in the van with us. Afterwards, we just laughed off the incident.

Once we arrived at the publishing house, we immediately started on our tasks. Me and JM were tasked to sort out names; of those who graduated to those who didn't, and those who have paid for the yearbook, etc. And we did some other tasks too... and a whole lot of chika's. Haha! And Makki was our lovely muse, as always. Past lunch time, Angel arrived. They worked with kuya kick-ass layout artist on the cover page, inside insert page, and revision of the content page layout. IT WAS KICK-ASSSSSS~! And now, we're extremely excited despite the fact that it's still a draft at this point and that we still have a lot of things to accomplish.

Wednesday. I met up with Jem and Angel at MDC to do some yearbook tasks, yet again. It was sort-of an unplanned rendezvous, but we had to do it to fast-track our work. Weeded out more names, updated our list of paid individuals, and did the tasklist for contacting certain people. Also, I was able to chat with Rovee regarding their in-house review with Shield Review Center for Nurses.

Afterwards, us three went to Mall of Asia for dinner at Mang Inasal and to finish our work at Starbucks. AND, it was my first time to go home really really late - just by myself (11:00pm). Ooops, sorry Mom! O.o

Thursday & Friday. I was the official bum for the day. I think I went jogging on Thursday, but I was mostly a bum after that. Watched movies, channel surfed, went online, ate, slept. Multiply that to the nth... you do the math. Lol! Then on Friday night, desperate as I was of leaving the house to breathe in fresh air and experience a different scenery I quickly jumped ship when I heard that my BFF Donna wanted to watch Inception the following day. YEY, MOVIE DATE! :D

Maybe'll just write about my Saturday escapade with Donna on my next post. I feel like I want to elaborate on Inception. ^^,

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