Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whirlwind in July

Yes, a few days ago Typhoon Basyang claimed many lives as it unexpectedly savaged the Philippine Islands. Kill PAG-ASA forecast, as always (no pun intended).

Monday. I woke up feeling really ill and shaky. Later, after several trips to the bathroom and a couple of Loperamide tablets I felt a little okay. You probably figured out what happened to me from herein. Haha! But all throughout the day, I felt like dried prune. Got through the day eating bland porridge and 2 bottles of Gatorade.

While shaky and all (and desperately trying to stop my heart from racing), I called up Chriss - my recruiter @CVG - regarding my decision on the possible job offer. Then she told me I should come in at 10am the following day. I said, "Sure, no problem. 10am's great!"

Yes, I was blabbing along. I still don't know how I managed to get the words out of me! Lol.

Tuesday. I felt glad that I was recuperating faster than I expected, but I wasn't about to take chances. So I still stuck with my bland porridge - Gatorade diet and headed off to CVG to continue my final interview. A couple of questions later (that I never thought would eventually end), I passed the final interview and found myself taking baby steps to 7th floor for my validation interview with Mayk. And after all the yada-yada and some more waiting, Chriss eventually confirmed a little past lunch time that I got the job offer! Woopdeedoo!

Seriously, I spaced out. :)) And it took me nearly forever to finish reading and signing the job offer. I stayed in Room 5, waited for the contract for almost an hour and stayed there for almost 2++ hours. And yes, time just flew by without me noticing it! YES, I SPACED OUT (I just have to put emphasis on that).

However, as I texted my mom that I got the job offer and am about to signed the contract she texted me with a warm "Congratulations baby!" - but the next sentence made me space out even more. My ninang (godmother) Cecille, who happens to be my mom's BFF and the mother of my brother's best friend, succumbed to complications of Colon Cancer around 1:51pm of that fateful day.

Wednesday. Typhoon Basyang hit P.I. around early AM - just as I was about to lay myself to sleep. Due to that pesky typhoon, our area didn't have electricity supply for almost 36++ hours. But I had to push that thought away, because I had to fix a lot of paperworks required for work!

Name it: Barangay clearance, Police clearance, Cedulas, BIR tax identification number, Social Security number, Medical clearance, Postal identification card, etc. Me and my dad were all over Manila and Makati in just a day. From our so-called road-trips and endless walking that never seem to end.

Also, I got to try a coffee bun from Kopi Roti. It tasted good! :)

Then around past dinner time, my family set-off for ParaƱaque to attend the wake of my Ninang. *sigh*

Thursday. Me and my dad's "Dora the Explorer" tendencies, part deux! And this time, we cruised down Mandaluyong-Makati-Manila-Makati. What a tiring day! And I eventually ended up in Macapagal to see Caren and Ali.

Thank God I was able to accomplish 2 out of 4 of my job's non-negotiable requirements!

Friday. My dad drove me to SSS. And would you believe we got lost on our way there? We initially thought SSS is still situated in The Atrium along Makati Ave.; turns out it moved to Buendia! Ugh. We wasted 45 minutes of precious time, and 45bucks for parking fee that we only utilized for like 25 minutes. After settling things, I had to eat lunch by myself, photocopy some of my files and submit 3/4 of my requirements to CVG's HR Department.

And then, there was the Alumni Association meeting. Some good vibes were there alright, but it's 85% bad vibes if you ask me. Okay, I'll shut up now - I might end up elaborating on this further. Haha!

Saturday. Itinerary: Finally get my Urinalysis and Chest X-ray over with! And yes, my stomach was able to tolerate a serving of ice cream from Mini Stop, a grande blended-whip Green Tea Frappucino from Starbucks, and a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange drink. YEHEYYY!!! Then me and my family attended another service for my ninang.

Sunday. Finally, my ninang got cremated a few minutes before 10:30 in the morning. :| Yes, emotional. But deep inside, I know that she's in a very happy and peaceful place - where she can no longer feel pain and suffering. Where she can forever sing praises and continue on glorifying our Heavenly Creator. She never died, no. She continues to live on in our hearts. :)

... and just when I thought I could sleep once I'm reunited with my bed...

UAAP Season 73 was on the telly. AAAGGHHHH! Too bad UST lost to AdMU. But heck yeah, DLSU was in the zone!!! They won over the UE Red Warriors with a big difference on the score boards. Today is just one of those days when my mom thought I'd completely lost it by shouting in a basketball game that she never knew I enjoyed. Haha!

This week completely proved to me that life is unpredictable. You can never know what to expect. Lesson learned: Enjoy life as it is. No frills, even cheap thrills can do the trick! Because every moment has an impact in your life, whether it's as simple as you walking under the scorching heat without an umbrella, enjoying a pastry in a small coffee shop, or even helping out a total stranger and being able to connect. LIFE is NEVER MONOTONOUS (and/or boring). You just have to appreciate life more and see it from a different perspective. It can change you from the inside out.

Go ahead - and LIVE LIFE!

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