Monday, August 2, 2010

Another "Epic Fail, Epic Win" Day

What's up with today, anyway? Really.

Epic Win #1: I slept at 4AM, woke up at 7AM but went back to bed after a few minutes. Then my mom woke me up again to configure the internet connection of my brother's PC. I specifically told her that I'd do it IF she gives me my allowance for the week. Heck, yeah it worked! :)

Epic Fail #1: I was really, really, really looking forward to start my job training this Thursday. Only to have it moved to a later date - make that one month (see previous post).

Epic Win #2: Call me motormouth, but I chatted on the phone with a good friend of mine while grocery-shopping with my mom. It was way hilarious than expected!

Epic Fail #2: Just as me and my mom headed for Glorietta for dinner, I came across someone on the way there. Someone I hope I'd never, EVER see again in my life. Not that I'm mad at him/her, but it's just... awkward. Hmm.

Epic Win #3: I satisfied myself with a hot bowl of noodles + dimsum.

Epic Fail #3: So what if I never knew there was a gelato store in Greenbelt? Oh heck, now I'm obliged to sample their gelato's some other time. Boo me!


Epic Win #4: I got ANOTHER job. Yes, you've read that right. Something to keep me pre-occupied while I wait for my job training on September.

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