Monday, August 2, 2010

Loop de Loop

Okay, just when I thought I'd be scrambling to get on tip-top shape for my first day of training this Thursday - a couple of phone calls changed it all.

Last Friday, someone rang my phone but I wasn't able to take the call. The number reflected was 792-3000. Later that day, I learned that the number belongs to the trunkline of Convergys - my employer.

Today, I dialed the number in the hopes of knowing what that missed call was about. I was transferred to CVG 5's receptionist, then to Ryan of HR who gave me the number of the guy who handles the account I'm in - a guy named OJ.

After almost an hour of trying to get through the line, I recited (haha!) my very memorized piece on why I'm calling him. Then he went to check the training schedules. Unfortunately, a dilemma is about to break loose. MY CLASS (TRAINING) GOT RE-SCHEDULED TO SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 - a month from now. And that I should drop by the site within the week to have my contract 'changed'.

Hmm. Let's analyze the situation here.

Although for one, I know that I do need a job right now because times are hard - I can't blame them for moving my training schedule. I may never really know the reason behind this. But if it's because I'm a Nursing graduate who just landed a sort-of coveted part-time job in a BPO company while waiting for the board results to come out. Then I'd be really disappointed.

I do hope these loose ends could be tied up. One way over the other, I still want that job offer. And I've decided to allow them to 'change' my contract. Yeah.

Okay, now what to do for the next 4 weeks. Suggestions, anyone?

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