Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh, Hello 2011~!

My deepest apologies. I haven't been "kind" to this blog since last month. And I'll try my very best not to dwell on it like it's hell on Earth (even though for the most part, it is).

Just to tell the gist: A lot has happened in such a short span of time. I know, I say a lot. But this time, it had its lasting impact on me. It's for the good, but it was full of bull. I will try my very best to be come around raw this time. No pretensions. No TMI's. Just what I've been dealing with for the past few weeks of my hiatus.

I, yet again, lost the person I love. It was December. Again, I can't stress this enough. For the second time, I'm not the one who screwed up. And I'm not the one who can't make up my mind. At the very least, I had every ounce of courage to face that fact that I'm losing grip on that person. And that I did not hide from it. Guys are so pathetic! Anyway, insert here that hateful Back to December song by Taylor Swift. But in return, I passed my training that very same day. What's worst is that I agreed to still be friends, set aside the fact that deep down it will never work out on my end. Now, I'm just a rancorous person. The kind you wouldn't like.

Which reminds me. That person who backed out on me last year - ehem - January 15th - ehem. I don't hate him anymore. Because I've found a person more befitting of my hate. Karma's a bitch, right?

Then, I got my 2nd (official) job. Second because it is, you know, self-explanatory. Official because I don't really get paid to work for my dad, which counts as my 3rd job. Call me, sensei! Lol.

Then I welcomed the year like it was nothing. I can't feel a thing. I'm back to Frozen Land again. I promised myself a lot of things, but this time everything's tangible and achievable. To be the best person I know. Heck, it's subjective anyway.

And also, I finished my IV therapy training just two weeks ago. Still waiting for my case completion duty, and I'm out!

At this point, I can feel the winds of change... for good. I've come through the transition scathed and yet strengthened by all the bulls and challenges. I still have a lot of decisions to make, and things to unravel. And before I forget, I know someone's going down this year. Someone already stumbled and fell flat on his face. You're next! *insert sinister laugh here*

With enough courage, I therefore welcome this year. I'm still waiting for Chinese New Year to finally scream, at the top of my lungs, "Fvck you, metal Rabbit! You ain't gonna beat my fortunes this year!" Lol.