Monday, February 28, 2011

Why I love TNC!

No, you idiot. Not TMZ. TNC! Tunay Na Chicks!

Last Friday, someone shared a link on my wall about these guys. They are really hilarious! They highlighted some of the things that a true "chick" does, or what they ought to be on their Tumblr site (even some weird female habits, of course). And I couldn't agree more!

Thus, I'm compelled to share some of it here:
  1. "Ang tunay na chicks, hinde agad nag-frefreak out pag nawala yung internet nila. Hinde sya nang-aaaway ng mga call center agents dahil marunong sya mag-troubleshoot ng intermittent internet connection." ("A true chick does not freak out when the internet connection goes out. She does not argue with call center agents because she knows how to troubleshoot intermittent internet connection.")
  2. "Ang tunay na chicks, weakness ang chocolate-chip cookies." ("A true chick's weakness are chocolate-chip cookies.")
  3. "Ang tunay na chicks, may american sitcom or series na sinusubaybayan. Bumibili pa sya nang mga DVDs para lang i-marathon ang mga episodes nito." ("A true chick is an avid viewer of an American sitcom or series. She even buys DVDs just to do an episode marathon of it.")
  4. "Ang tunay na chicks, marunong gumamit ng contractions. Alam ang difference ng ‘you’re’ at ‘your’, ‘they’re’ and ‘their’ at iba pa." ("A true chick knows how to use contractions. She knows the difference between 'you're' and 'your', 'they're' and 'their' etc.")
  5. "Ang tunay na chicks, nakakakaen na ng tinapay na may palamang ice cream." ("A true chick has eaten bread with ice cream filling.")
  6. "Ang tunay na chicks, may soft spot sa mga lalaking matatalino na may sense of humor." ("A true chick has a soft spot for guys who are intelligent and with a sense of humor.")
  7. "Ang tunay na chicks, active sa mga extra-curricular activities sa school." ("A true chick is active with extra-curricular activities in school.")
  8. "Ang tunay na chicks, may kinahuhumalingang 80s rockband." ("A true chick is obsessed with an 80s rock band.")
  9. "Ang tunay na chicks, hinde nag-wowollow in self-pity. Alam nyang okay lang ang malungkot pero at some point, she has to stop crying at start solving things out. People are miserable because they choose to be miserable." ("A true chick does not wallow in self-pitty. She knows that it's okay to be sad at some point, but she has to stop crying and start solving things out. People are miserable because they choose to be miserable.")
  10. "Ang tunay na chicks, kaylangang ng isang buong araw para lang makahanap ng isang pares ng sapatos." ("A true chick needs one whole day to find a pair of shoes.")
  11. "Ang tunay na chicks, hinde sumali sa Bieber Fever." ("A true chick does not join in the Bieber Fever.")
  12. "Ang tunay na chicks, alam kung saan lulugar. Hinde porket nabiyaan sya ng konti galing o talino, eh mag-mamarunong na sya parati. Alam nya na kahit magaling sya, hinde sa lahat ng pagkakataon eh sya ang magiging star." ("A true chick knows where she stands. It's not that she was blessed with a little intelligence, does not mean that she has the right to be a know-it-all. She knows that she is great, but it's not all the time that she is the star.")
  13. "Ang tunay na chicks, isang beses mo lang pwedeng maloko. Hinde sya papayag na maisahan ulet ng lalakeng lomoko na sa kanya noon. Fool her once, shame on you. Fool her twice, shame on her." ("You can only fool a true chick once. She won't allow herself to be fooled by the same person who did that to her before. Fool her once, shame on you. Fool her twice, shame on her.")
  14. "Ang tunay na chicks, hinde binoblock yung ex-boyfriend nya sa facebook. Okay lang kung sya’y stalker, pero ibang usapan pag ika’y bitter." ("A true chick does not block her ex-boyfriend on Facebook. It's okay to be a stalker, but it's a different thing to become bitter.")
  15. "Ang tunay na chicks, marunong magpatawad pero hinde nakakalimot." ("A true chick knows how to forgive, but never forgets.")
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