Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vow of Silence and A Week's Pseudo-Vacation

Two weeks ago, I nearly lost my voice due to another bout of Acute Pharyngitis. It wasn't really life threatening, but my doctor did say that if I don't rest my voice for 5 days, the nerve endings on my throat may permanently be visible to the naked eye - when in fact they shouldn't be.

So I lost more than two thousand bucks over the crazy strong prescription drugs my doctor gave me. Then I lost two days worth of my salary at the other office for cancelling my booked classes (which, if I may say so, is a very dumb policy). And I lost 5 days worth of income because of this.

On top of that, I wasn't allowed to talk for 5 days - EVEN AT HOME. :(

Well, this post will reflect on the week that I really felt like I had a "bakasyong engrande" (grandiose vacation) at home, and to some other places with my friends.


May 23, Monday

I woke up feeling like my throat's going to close at any minute. My head's really fuzzy and I'm coughing like mad. Good thing I was able to cancel my classes today, despite the fact that I'll be losing loads of money just to cancel it. But never mind that. My health's much more important anyway.

So, I went to my cousin's clinic at Quezon City for a check-up. My doctor gave me another set of prescription drugs - an antibiotic, a glucocorticosteriod, and an oral wash with local anesthetic. Wow. Just wow. Really strong AND expensive medications. After that, I was advised not to talk for 5 days - total voice rest. Doc even told my mom not to talk to me.

Now, how am I supposed to do that? Idiot board, anyone?!

May 24 Tuesday

First "useless day" ever. I just slept. I can't even remember what else I did today. All I know is... I slept for... 15 hours? Lol.

May 25, Wednesday

Yes. Movie marathon. Yes.

And yet, I miss work. Funny. I think my body's still pretty much in-sync with working rather than just sitting at home and doing nothing.

May 26, Thursday

Today, I had lunch with Haeja. We caught up on a lot of things, since we haven't seen each other for quite a long time. Then I accompanied her with shopping for some things, including her graduation attire and a denim jacket for the concert. It was one of the fastest shopping sessions I've had. Well, personally I would shop for only 1 item in 4 hours, but we shopped for 4 items in the same amount of time! Cool.

We went from store to store just to find the right graduation dress and pair of shoes. It was just... so exhausting! We both tried out different outfits to see which one will suit the occasion the best. I also tried out some dresses for myself, just because I couldn't resist it! Haha! And thus, I have to go back to buy them in the very near future.

Eventually, she settled for this cream-colored dress that we both tried out in Cole Vintage. It has these nice details on the shoulder area, and has some layered cuts up front that creates a "tummy-tuck" effect.

First time to go shopping with Haeja - and lots more to come. I can feel it.

May 27, Friday

It was my best friend Donna's birthday last May 25th, and I haven't seen her since last November. So I asked her out for a movie date, my treat! We watched Kung Fu Panda 2.

Pure Awesomeness. I say.

We've been friends for almost 8 or 9 years now. And when we both realized that we've been having movie and lunch dates since we've known each other, we just felt soooo old. Haha! She's one of the people I cherish the most, because no matter how long we haven't seen each other, we would usually talk as if we just picked up on a conversation we left off just a minute ago.

Then we walked. And walked. And walked. And saw this new tea place called ChaTime next to The French Baker on our way to Landmark. And since we both love tea, we just can't resist to try it out for ourselves. I think it was a little bit expensive, but it was good. Really good. :)

Then we talked about a few things regarding the project she's working on now. Well, since she quit her job three months ago, she's been focusing on fandoms and events pertaining to it. I think she'll make a perfect events coordinator. I just know it.


As I went home on Friday, I can't help but be grateful for the week that was. Even though I nearly lost my health, lost some money, lost a few income - it didn't really bother me as I expected. I was happy that God gave me this chance to be with the people I love and have always been by my side for the longest time. I've been friends with both of them for the same amount of time, and through all these years they're still with me. We may be getting older, but the friendship's still there. Hopefully, it will last for a lifetime. :)