Saturday, December 31, 2011

Surprisingly Vibrant

"Remember how far you've come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be."

Though the start of 2011 has been a rough one for me, I'm glad that I chose to embrace this rollercoaster of a year. Now, everything's brighter and more colorful! Because of Him, everything found its meaning and purpose. And with all the wonderful people in my life, I can say for sure that everything was worthwhile.
The year 2011 brought so much change in all aspects of my life, literally. I know I've always been the idealistic nut from the beginning but given the obstacles I had to overcome during the first half of the year, I can't help but wonder how the heck I've gone through it all. Yes, I was scathed at first but I came through it much stronger, wiser and with a renewed zest for life. I even remember the very first quote I wrote on my journal on the 1st of January:
"Another chance to make things right."
And I did. I started to live the lessons I've previously learned so that I could breathe more life to my routine. I surrounded myself with people who can keep my sanity and held on to ties that are made stronger by time.

With that, my year became a burst of colors. Like a wonderful painting that'll always be etched in my memory.

Now, let's do a quick recap of the year that was:

This year, I've had so many "firsts" - A gay night-out (literally) in Bed Malate with colleagues Meeko, Julie and Carla. Party night at Amber Ultra Lounge with high school classmates Khae and Hazel and some CVG officemates. Various movie dates with Fjordz including Cinemalaya 7 and Deep Gold Red Carpet Premiere at Newport Cinemas, and also events such as the 2nd Blogger's Festival and IMMAP Open Mic Night. Team building sessions with the Warlocks at Antipolo and Redbox Greenbelt. An out of town escapade to Quezon Province with Fjordz for his college friend's wedding. Watched (and cried over) Noli Me Tangere: The Musical at CCP with Julie. Witnessed Haeja's first ever stage performance on I Testify at PhilAm Life Auditorium. My official 3K run for the Sunpiology Sunset Run with Fjordz. And definitely so much more - I'm actually relying on my journal to remember all the things I did for the year, but most of them are either lunch-outs, dinners, videoke nights and etc with different people. It just makes me smile whenever I read them because most of them were unplanned and yet they play a part in making my 2011 memories unforgettable!

Also, I've had my fair-share of struggles career-wise. My regularization was initially extended due to some mishap I did on a project that costed me 2 more months on probation period, but luckily I was able to realign my work goals and was able to get regularized I think around June. Plus, I'm extremely thankful for having awesome teammates! When things go dull or stressful or whatever, they're always there to make things bright and sunny!

Then there's me juggling two-part time jobs, the other being an ESL teacher for a Japanese school which plays to my advantage because I love teaching. But since the restless kid in me still lingers, I almost let my work slip and even tried out for a job at a real estate company. It was just a relief that I was kind of enlightened and ended up not pushing through with the final interview - even though for sure the job was in the bag for me. I realized that it wasn't about the money. Sure, there's a whole lot of money in real estate but the question that nagged me over and over was "Will I be happy?"

When it comes to love life... what love life? NEXT TOPIC!

... kidding!

But seriously, I'll be real honest in saying that it has been years since I felt "that funny feeling I can't explain". I have no idea how it started, who started it, how things came about and so on, yet I'm glad that I gave love a chance. Maybe it's true that, "Love happens. It is a miracle that happens by grace."

So far, I can say that I love how this year unfolded itself to me. And I thank God endlessly for letting me experience the lowest of lows and highest of highs in both my emotional and spiritual conquest.

With that, I slowly bit adieu to 2011 and say hello to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It Takes Two To Tango

After 39 years of marriage, I still don't know how they keep things going. Maybe this holds true for my "parentals":

"Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads,
hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together
through the years."
~Simone Signoret

I've seen them work through the ups and downs just like any married couple. Though no relationship's ever perfect, still they strive to do their best at it. And I couldn't be more grateful for the loving care and attention (excessive, at most) at they've given me and my brother since we were born.


PS. Mom, you owe me for this post........................... kidding! :p

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Unexpected Kind of Happiness

Let's rewind to last Thursday (12.22.2011)...

Honestly, I don't like celebrating my birthday. As far as I can remember, I always get this funny/morbid feeling whenever it's my turn to celebrate this special day. Though I'm glad that me and my brother don't share the same birth date, though we were supposed to (long story, trust me).

But fact is, I couldn't shake off my system the "negatives vibes" that surround this day. To me, it's like a bad omen, a disaster waiting to unfold, a curse. Maybe it's a "Capricorn" thing. I don't know for sure, but one of my friends share the same sentiment. I'd rather drop dead or something rather than actually know that it's my birthday (no kidding). And no, this is most definitely NOT an exaggeration.

Anyway, last Thursday I was on leave from work because I wanted to savor one full rest day for a change. If I'm not mistaken, I spent my birthday last year working in the morning, replying to birthday greetings in the afternoon and then hitting the sack early during night time.

See? I'm not into the festivity that is my birthday... and this year was no exception. My mom tried waking me up early but I was sick, so I ended up rolling out of bed just before lunch time, not to eat but just to go to the loo. Then, I opened my Facebook to either like and/or comment on the birthday greetings. After which, I took a nap and then took a quick bath upon waking up when I realized that it's almost sun down.

I was only expecting my best friend Caren to arrive for dinner since she works just a few blocks away from my home. Just right after I got dressed, I heard my phone ringing - well, it didn't register in my mind why the ringtone was different, anyway - I saw my boyfriend's name on the caller ID.

I thought he was just checking to see if I was okay since he already called during lunch time. But to my surprise, he was already in front of our house... with a bouquet of red roses in tow.

I was greeted by his quizzical look (and yet he was smiling - I don't know how he does that) as he said,

"Happy Birthday, hon!... Akala ko ba may sakit ka?"

Syempre - I was speechless. I wasn't even able to react immediately. I froze. Weird, but I stood rooted to the ground. Hindi ako nahihiya, but I did at that moment. To be honest, he's the only guy who gave me roses - and on two different occasions pa!

After which, we had dinner with my family and my best friend. And he was able to meet my dad (finally)! So far, it's probably the best birthday I had! Even though I was "medyo sinusumpong" at that time, my heart's contented just holding his hand while we were chatting with my mom and best friend. And just before he headed home after dinner, he gave me his other surprise - a box of chocolates (my favorite)! You guys might say it's very typical, but it didn't fail to melt me like jelly. It's as if Valentines just arrived a little too soon for me. Haha!

So for that, hon, I'd like to thank you for making my day SUPER! Even though I may not show it often, but you make my heart glad with even the simplest thing that you do for me - and I appreciate it big time.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

On Courage and Love

“To be brave is to love someone unconditionally,
without expecting anything in return.
To just give. That takes courage...
because we don't want to fall on our faces
or leave ourselves open to hurt."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On our third

"In relationships, the small things are the big things."
- Stephen R. Covey

Through all the petty arguments and misunderstandings
Thank you for keeping it real
We may be polar opposites
But I know that as long as we go hand in hand
Everything will be just fine
Nobody said it was easy, right?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Not-So Sunset Run

After work on Saturday (12.10.2011), me and Fjordz headed off to Bonifacio Global City for Sun Life Financial's SunPIOLOgy Sunset Run (for the benefit of the Hebreo Foundation). Yes, Papa P was there for the 10K run - don't ask again (lol). Moving forward >>>

Frankly, it's my first time to join an actual race though I've been running (just for exercise and the sake of losing weight) since early 2010, but I seriously have no idea what to expect. It was his first time, too! So we just tried the 3K race for starters. :)

Knowing that the weather hasn't been the most cooperative one for the past few days, I expected that it might actually rain during the race. Luckily, it didn't! Well, it did but it was just rain showers.

I know for one that the race route we took wasn't the usual one for races held at BGC (from 34th St. to 8th Ave. and back), but I realized that it was a little challenging when I was on my 2nd km at 8th avenue because the road was inclined so the route back up to the front of MC Home Depot was a struggle.

But I think I have to get back on my running shoes to get some practice. I finished at roughly around 24 minutes for a 3 km run - quite slow from my usual time.

But despite that, I had an awesome time! I'm guessing that the crowd's unlike the ones you usually see at bigger races, but it was still good. The perks after the race wasn't so generous either. It's still the good times that matter. Plus, dinner at my house after the race (in short, nawala din ang tinakbo. Haha!)! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

'Coz It's Bigger Than Coffee

Everyone knows that my blood's literally composed of 75% coffee, so it's no wonder that I'm on my 6th year of collecting the Starbucks planner.

This year, I was initially hesitant to collect stickers since I always have a habit of abandoning my planner halfway through the year plus the fact that I need to save up on my upcoming travels for next year. Well, I still update it from time to time but it's very much unlike the first few months that I got it.

Thanks to the help of my wonderful teammates and my bestfriend - I was able to get my planner this year right on target - and at a cheaper cost too! I love you, guys!

So here it goes, I got mine last Saturday (12.10.2011) while me and my boyfriend were hanging out at Starbucks Glorietta 5. This year, my planner redemption came with an unexpected twist.

I was ordering a tall extra hot Hibiscus Tea Latte from the barista and when I told him that I'm also getting my planner at that time, he told me that I could get anything on the selection except the cherry one (it came in five colors: poplar, bamboo, cherry, spruce, and oak). I initially wanted the cherry one since my officemate showed hers and it was the perfect color. But I just opted for poplar. I thought cherry was unavailable, but I got a big laugh when the barista said (well, not the exact words though but just the same thought),
"Buti naman poplar ang pinili mo, ma'am! Kasi napansin lang namin, 'pag bading - cherry ang pinipili. Pag babae naman - poplar."
I can't even bat an eyelash when he said that. I found it really funny! This is what usually makes me go to Starbucks. Most of their baristas are very personable, even though they're not your suki branch.

I was happier when I got back to the table. My boyfriend unwrapped the planner first, and when I looked at it - it was SO pretty. I mean, it was just the right size and weight for a planner. Not too bulky, not too flashy but not too plain either.

Despite the fact that the previous planners have more writing space on it (and writing lines, too), I like this planner better because I'm pretty sure that I can update it much easier. It also comes with this "notes" section that I appreciate since I plan to stick a lot of photos on it to make it sort of a scrapbook-y planner. The only downside is it's made of wood, so I'd have to be more careful with it.

But waddaheck, I love my planner for this year! Let's see how it ends up looking by the end of 2012. ;)