Saturday, December 31, 2011

Surprisingly Vibrant

"Remember how far you've come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be."

Though the start of 2011 has been a rough one for me, I'm glad that I chose to embrace this rollercoaster of a year. Now, everything's brighter and more colorful! Because of Him, everything found its meaning and purpose. And with all the wonderful people in my life, I can say for sure that everything was worthwhile.
The year 2011 brought so much change in all aspects of my life, literally. I know I've always been the idealistic nut from the beginning but given the obstacles I had to overcome during the first half of the year, I can't help but wonder how the heck I've gone through it all. Yes, I was scathed at first but I came through it much stronger, wiser and with a renewed zest for life. I even remember the very first quote I wrote on my journal on the 1st of January:
"Another chance to make things right."
And I did. I started to live the lessons I've previously learned so that I could breathe more life to my routine. I surrounded myself with people who can keep my sanity and held on to ties that are made stronger by time.

With that, my year became a burst of colors. Like a wonderful painting that'll always be etched in my memory.

Now, let's do a quick recap of the year that was:

This year, I've had so many "firsts" - A gay night-out (literally) in Bed Malate with colleagues Meeko, Julie and Carla. Party night at Amber Ultra Lounge with high school classmates Khae and Hazel and some CVG officemates. Various movie dates with Fjordz including Cinemalaya 7 and Deep Gold Red Carpet Premiere at Newport Cinemas, and also events such as the 2nd Blogger's Festival and IMMAP Open Mic Night. Team building sessions with the Warlocks at Antipolo and Redbox Greenbelt. An out of town escapade to Quezon Province with Fjordz for his college friend's wedding. Watched (and cried over) Noli Me Tangere: The Musical at CCP with Julie. Witnessed Haeja's first ever stage performance on I Testify at PhilAm Life Auditorium. My official 3K run for the Sunpiology Sunset Run with Fjordz. And definitely so much more - I'm actually relying on my journal to remember all the things I did for the year, but most of them are either lunch-outs, dinners, videoke nights and etc with different people. It just makes me smile whenever I read them because most of them were unplanned and yet they play a part in making my 2011 memories unforgettable!

Also, I've had my fair-share of struggles career-wise. My regularization was initially extended due to some mishap I did on a project that costed me 2 more months on probation period, but luckily I was able to realign my work goals and was able to get regularized I think around June. Plus, I'm extremely thankful for having awesome teammates! When things go dull or stressful or whatever, they're always there to make things bright and sunny!

Then there's me juggling two-part time jobs, the other being an ESL teacher for a Japanese school which plays to my advantage because I love teaching. But since the restless kid in me still lingers, I almost let my work slip and even tried out for a job at a real estate company. It was just a relief that I was kind of enlightened and ended up not pushing through with the final interview - even though for sure the job was in the bag for me. I realized that it wasn't about the money. Sure, there's a whole lot of money in real estate but the question that nagged me over and over was "Will I be happy?"

When it comes to love life... what love life? NEXT TOPIC!

... kidding!

But seriously, I'll be real honest in saying that it has been years since I felt "that funny feeling I can't explain". I have no idea how it started, who started it, how things came about and so on, yet I'm glad that I gave love a chance. Maybe it's true that, "Love happens. It is a miracle that happens by grace."

So far, I can say that I love how this year unfolded itself to me. And I thank God endlessly for letting me experience the lowest of lows and highest of highs in both my emotional and spiritual conquest.

With that, I slowly bit adieu to 2011 and say hello to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead!


  1. Likewise, boss! :D Good vibes and positivity, c'mon! :)

  2. hay sa wakas nafigure out ko na kung papano mag comment :))aww ang drama naman ng blog mo, nice i found my name here hehehe

    great job freak!