Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Unexpected Kind of Happiness

Let's rewind to last Thursday (12.22.2011)...

Honestly, I don't like celebrating my birthday. As far as I can remember, I always get this funny/morbid feeling whenever it's my turn to celebrate this special day. Though I'm glad that me and my brother don't share the same birth date, though we were supposed to (long story, trust me).

But fact is, I couldn't shake off my system the "negatives vibes" that surround this day. To me, it's like a bad omen, a disaster waiting to unfold, a curse. Maybe it's a "Capricorn" thing. I don't know for sure, but one of my friends share the same sentiment. I'd rather drop dead or something rather than actually know that it's my birthday (no kidding). And no, this is most definitely NOT an exaggeration.

Anyway, last Thursday I was on leave from work because I wanted to savor one full rest day for a change. If I'm not mistaken, I spent my birthday last year working in the morning, replying to birthday greetings in the afternoon and then hitting the sack early during night time.

See? I'm not into the festivity that is my birthday... and this year was no exception. My mom tried waking me up early but I was sick, so I ended up rolling out of bed just before lunch time, not to eat but just to go to the loo. Then, I opened my Facebook to either like and/or comment on the birthday greetings. After which, I took a nap and then took a quick bath upon waking up when I realized that it's almost sun down.

I was only expecting my best friend Caren to arrive for dinner since she works just a few blocks away from my home. Just right after I got dressed, I heard my phone ringing - well, it didn't register in my mind why the ringtone was different, anyway - I saw my boyfriend's name on the caller ID.

I thought he was just checking to see if I was okay since he already called during lunch time. But to my surprise, he was already in front of our house... with a bouquet of red roses in tow.

I was greeted by his quizzical look (and yet he was smiling - I don't know how he does that) as he said,

"Happy Birthday, hon!... Akala ko ba may sakit ka?"

Syempre - I was speechless. I wasn't even able to react immediately. I froze. Weird, but I stood rooted to the ground. Hindi ako nahihiya, but I did at that moment. To be honest, he's the only guy who gave me roses - and on two different occasions pa!

After which, we had dinner with my family and my best friend. And he was able to meet my dad (finally)! So far, it's probably the best birthday I had! Even though I was "medyo sinusumpong" at that time, my heart's contented just holding his hand while we were chatting with my mom and best friend. And just before he headed home after dinner, he gave me his other surprise - a box of chocolates (my favorite)! You guys might say it's very typical, but it didn't fail to melt me like jelly. It's as if Valentines just arrived a little too soon for me. Haha!

So for that, hon, I'd like to thank you for making my day SUPER! Even though I may not show it often, but you make my heart glad with even the simplest thing that you do for me - and I appreciate it big time.


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