Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Fourth

"Happy Monthsary, hon! Ay, anniversary na pala... tagal na nating 'di nagkita eh!" ~Fjordz

Every single "hirit" that comes from him becomes the funniest lines for me. Maybe I'm just "mababaw". Or maybe that's love or something. Haha! :)

Anyway, last night was yet another lovely night for me and my love. We attended the red carpet premiere of Underworld: Awakening in 3D at SM North Edsa - The Block. After which, we had a late dinner at Gerry's Grill Sky Garden.


I think it's more appropriate to say that "Time flies when you're in love". Despite the days that we had to wait for this day to be "our day" together, it was worth it. With so much stuff that we both wanted to share with each other, I literally stuttered most of the time - nabulol, nautal, na-wrong grammar, whatever.

Oo, in-love kami. Obviously. :)

And with that, thank you so much hon! Basta alam mo na 'yun. I cherish every moment that I spend with you, every laughter, every secret... everything. And I love you, always! :)


  1. Totally unrelated comment to your post...
    Pansin ko lang na yung blog name mo sa banner mo is "Le Dreamer's Nook." Di ba grammatically incorrect yun? Le is for male, la for female? HAHAHA, ewan, pansin ko lang randomly. Or lalaki ka ba talaga dati? Alam ba ito ni Fjordz after 4 months?

    O diba? Ang galing kong mag-segue to your 4th monthsary? HAHAHA!

  2. patay ka. may French grammar lesson kang nakuha from Hogi haha! Happy monthsary mga anak! incest lng ang peg, magkapatid, nagkainlaban hahaha!

  3. @Hogi: CHE! Kaya nga gusto ko matuto ng French, dahil ga-hibala lang ang alam ko! Maka-segue to! Pangit kasi pakinggan ng "La Dreamer's Nook" --- it's so... la cucaracha sounding. Lol!

    @Bien: Onga e *toinks* Napaka-cultured kasi ni Hogi, nahiya naman ako! Hahaha! Thanks boss! :))

  4. @Bien: Hahaha, random comment lang yun! Hahaha!

    @Faye: Gaga, di ako ganun ka-cultured maski lumaki ako sa teatro. Kuha ko lang yan sa basic French lessons nung high school ako, ahaha. Pero may point ka sa la cucaracha, HAHAHA!

  5. @Hogi: Ikaw na ang may French lessons nung high school! Sosyal! :)) Yeah, irk. La cucaracha is so... la cucaracha, you know~ HAHA!