Monday, January 23, 2012

To A Decade of "Golden" Friendship

... well, almost 1 decade just a few months from now.

We became friends in a very curious way. But nevertheless, you've showed me what true friendship's about. How to fight for, cry with and go through life with a friend. I remember the "diary" we had and all the insane things we did and said back when we were younger. Oh, yeah those days. :) But not only was I blessed with a friend, I was blessed with a sister who keeps me grounded.

And on your birthday (fine, hindi ko sasabihin age mo, haha!), I just want you to know that:

I pray that you'll achieve the desires of your heart. It may not be easy getting there, but I know you can. You've always been the stronger one. Always know that I'm here for you. Cheers to our nearly 1 decade of friendship! 

PS. Ang umaway sa'yo, patay sa akin. You know that ;)



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