Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You Only Live Once

Two weeks ago, I was asked by my boss if I could write an article for our account's monthly newsletter. It's been quite a while since I've written something "print-worthy" so it took me quite some time to find my momentum in organizing my thoughts. Good thing he liked it, although it was quite "bitin" daw.

- but I'm pretty sure I got my point across. That's what matters to me, because I always have trouble ending my articles. Haha! Here it goes:


You Only Live Once

    It's that time of the year again where students finally receive their diplomas after years of "brain-melting" academic endeavor. If you're one of them, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Now, the big question that comes next after graduation is, "What to do next?"

    I remember the time when I graduated two years ago and took my board exams on the same year. After obtaining my R.N. license, I was stuck with no job whatsoever. That's when I applied quite reluctantly-yet-optimistically in CVG. The only goal I had in mind was to land a decent job while I wait for job opportunities in the hospital. So, I told myself never to make any friends and to not go beyond 8 months to a year in the job. Sounds neurotic, right? But to say the least, I've never been happier breaking my own promise!

    You see, sometimes between decisions that need to be made and a future that lies vaguely ahead – there are many opportunities that you may choose to grab along the way. As I patiently wait in God's time for a chance to practice my profession, I'm blessed to serve our religious community, spend more time with my family, get in touch with my old friends and have fun at work with my awesome teammates - the Grey Warlocks! It's in priceless moments like these where happiness reside. When the right time and right opportunity comes along, I bet I'll move forward without any regrets when I look back.

    So... What will you do next? Just do what comes naturally, be open to possibilities and do things with a happy heart! You never know what surprises life has in store for you.

Remember: You only live once - might as well rock it! :)


Pardon for the hiatus, but it's been a pretty busy month for me. Although I've quit my second job two months ago, I'm still quite perplexed as to why my schedule hasn't gone any lighter.


Me and hon celebrated our 7th monthsary last Thursday. Yup. It still makes me say, "Parang kelan lang..." *nostalgia*

Despite our busy schedule, we were still able to have a late dinner at Chili's Greenbelt. The food was just awesome! And I love their Fajitas Trio. Well, it just looks a like a lot on photo because of the way the fajitas ingredients (is that how you call it?) were plated.

I just love Thursdates, food dates and every kind of date with hon. And I love you! HAPPY! :)